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Alan O. ~ Client

by | Jan 9, 2017

I was working with another agent for over 2 months on a short sale. The previous lender had my paperwork for more than 4 months and was unable to get it done due to his company being too large and spread out throughout the US…things just took too long.

Randall and his team jumped in at the last minute and were able to take all my paperwork from the original lender and close our home in 8 business days!  Only a few days shy of the bank backing out on the deal!!!  Their entire group is in-house and local. They work directly with each other, no waiting for emails or returned phone calls for days.

I can’t say enough great things about them and how thankful I am. I was living at a friend’s house with my wife and 3 month old because of the previous lender and, honestly, Randall saved my life (my wife would have killed me if we stayed a day longer at their house).  If you’re having problems with a lender or just want to make sure everything will run smoothly…call him, immediately!


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